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I developed a passion for real estate from a young age.  Around the age of 17 is when my interest began. After many podcasts, books, videos, and articles, I knew that this was for me. As soon as I possibly could, I began my journey to becoming a real estate agent. I love being able to aid others in the start of something new and great. Real estate to me is an opportunity to bring success for everyone, and whether you are a home buyer or a seller exciting things are ahead.   

I began to work at an early age and had the opportunity to gain 4+ years of experience as an electrician as two electrical businesses run in the family. I have gained significant electrical knowledge along with a basic understanding of building and construction. Starting to work at such a young age and being able to see the work ethic my family has, has honed my work ethic in being a hardworking one. I like to do a job well done, and I can be counted on in being honest and loyal. I believe in a direct approach and will explain things the way they are, to make sure everyone will be happy. Eliminating confusion and surprises, I believe, is important in creating a satisfied client.   I am excited and eager in being able to help you obtain your goals.

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